Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the typical prices you will be charged for drinks at our bar.
£3 – £3.50 spirit and mixer 25ml
£3 – £3.50 bottled lager 330ml
£3.50 – £4.50 glass of house wine 175ml
£2 soft drinks 330ml
£5 – £6.00 classic cocktails (most cases) 50ml alcohol

– Email Enquiry
– We quote, based on your details
– You confirm you wish to proceed
– We send you the booking form
– You check and sign the form and arrange any payment.
– We acknowledge receipt and booking

Prices vary depending on location, bar opening times, number of guests and how easy the venue is to access. If you fill out our enquiry form then we will get back to you shortly with a quote.
A very minimum of 5 weeks! We supply the information to the council and wait for their decision. We are subservient to the council and the licensing board and can only provide a license if they approve it. Last year we ran over 100 licensed bar services and got all our licenses granted, however occasionally there maybe events they deem unsuitable to be licensed. The best plan is to book now so we can get the application in nice and early.
  • Number of adults attending.
  • Location & Postcode of your venue
  • Description of the venue i.e. marquee on grounds of private estate, town hall
  • Event & bar opening timings
  • Detailing what your event is for: wedding, corporate, private, birthday party
  • Other activities taking place: disco, Ceilidh, fireworks
  • Whether children will be attending and if so what ages they will range from
  • Is there rubbish/recycling facilities?
  • Is there running water?
  • If it is in a marquee what size is it and is it temporary or permanent.
  • What drink preferences your friends/family have? Are they gin drinkers? Lagers drinkers?
  • What time can we access the venue from to set up?
  • Is there power we can access to run fridges, tills etc?
Usually 2/3 hour prior to the start of the licensed hours for the bar. If you require an early set up or day before set up then please let us know. There may be a charge in place to cover the extra wages and travel costs.
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