Break the ice at your event with an interactive cocktail station. Our newest service added to our range of event bar services. Something a little different to your usual glass of bubbly on arrival. Guests can get their hands dirty creating their very own signature cocktails under the guidance of our Reel Time Bartenders.


interactive cocktail

‘Pimp my fizz’

Turning your bubbles into your very own cocktail. Guests choose from a selection of champagne mixers (cassis, strawberry liqueur, peach puree, strawberry puree, ginger syrup, fresh juices, bitters etc…) to combine with their chilled fizz.


‘Fuel your mule’

One of the classic cocktails. Guests can create their own ‘Mule’ selecting from a choice of spirits (whisky, vodka, rum or gin), bitters (aromatic, rhubarb, chocolate, peach etc….), pressed citrus and choice of mixer (ginger beer or ginger ale).


‘Just the tonic’

Guests create their own Gin & Tonic serve. From the selection of glassware and chosen gin through to the tonic and a choice of herbs and garnishes to match the gins distinct botanicals.


‘Designated drivers’

Create your own mocktail. Just as exciting as their alcohol based brothers. Guests can select from a range of base juices (pressed apple, rhubarb and cranberry) and combine with a selection of herbs, syrups, fresh citrus and sodas to create a mouth-watering mixed drink.


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