Reel Time Bars are pleased to announce the newest addition to our ever expanding services list – Draught Lagers.

The system is incredibly simple to set up and make ready – the tap is small enough to be easily moved and set up in any suite or room within your venue, and only takes one hour to settle and chill the lager, ready for service.  The system will pour around 40 pints per hour, and a keg of lager contains around 85 pints of your favorite tipple.

We offer a selection of draught lagers by the keg for your guests to enjoy

Innes and Gunn – Brewed in Scotland, this unusual craft brewer uses oak to mature the beer, giving it some unique and distinctive flavours.
Tennants – Scotlands favorite pint.  Famous for its crisp taste and refreshing clean finish, every pint of Tennants has been brewed in Glasgow since 1885.
Heineken – From a single dutch brewery, Heineken are now the world’s most international brewer.  The beer that James Bond drinks is now available to you on tap.
Budweiser – The “King of Beers”  A crisp, flavourful American beer.
Grolsch – Another Dutch brew, using 2 different hops at different stages of the brewing cycle to create a distinctive aroma and flavour.

Our draught system can be hired either as a stand alone unit, or in conjunction with our mobile bar, to provide a high quality offering for your guests.  The system can be hired for a single day or longer periods, depending on your requirements.

If you would like to book your draught system, or for any other enquiries then contact us